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Our Services

1031 Exchange & Buyer


Representing buyers is more than simply presenting offers and reviewing documents, and consulting on 1031 exchanges involves more than searching for properties on the market. 

​We keep our buyers’ long-term interests in mind, and focus on more than the basic purchase criteria.

​Intrinsic value of a site, stability of an investment, and how a particular asset contributes to our clients’ overall strategy are as important as – if not more important than – "surface" details such as cap rates and price per square foot.


NNN & Multi-Tenant Investment Sales

We have decades of experience and thorough insight into all the facets of both Single- and Multi-Tenant net leased investments. 

We’ve reviewed thousands of leases and reviewed countless due diligence documents, but what’s important is our approach.  

​We understand the big picture: that both sides would like to complete a transaction as smoothly and fairly as possible, and we pride ourselves on our ability to identify potential issues before they become major problems or obstacles to a sale.


Net Leased Commercial Condominiums

We’ve successfully sold more commercial condominiums in San Francisco than anyone else, and that experience is invaluable to both buyers and sellers on this very unique product type. 

We understand the unique strengths and challenges of commercial condominiums, their HOA and CC&R requirements, and how important leasing terms can be to the market value of a commercial condominium.  

​To ensure that developers achieve optimum pricing we provide consultation services and advice on leasing, configuration, and positioning strategies before construction begins.


Leasing & Asset Management

We've leased over 1 Million square feet of retail space throughout Northern California.  Having represented large national retailers (Ross Dress For Less, GAP Stores, BevMo!) early in our careers, we have a good understanding of what retailers are looking for and how to get them focused on an available space. 

We now exclusively represent property owners in the marketing and leasing of  their available space.  We've always taken a hands-on approach, by targeting and recruiting the right retailers to create a successful tenant mix for the property.  Our team will create first class marketing materials and tremendous exposure.  The longevity of our client relationships speaks to our performance as well our mutual loyalty. 

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